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While many coins are worth just the value of their gold and silver content, other coins, be they gold, silver or copper have numismatic value. Our experts at Westchester Estate Buyers have over 40 years of experience and the numismatic knowledge, to pay the highest prices for your coins and collections. Our experts will grade and evaluate your coins using professional coin grading standards. We also buy US Government issued Proof, Mint and Commemorative Sets, United States Gold, Silver and Platinum Coins. We buy foreign bullion including Canadian Silver and Gold Maple Leafs, Pandas, Kruggerands and others. In addition, we also purchase rare paper money and foreign coins and paper money that have collectible value.

For all your Coin sales come and see the experts at Westchester Estate Buyers for a friendly and knowledgeable experience, and the highest prices paid by the foremost Coin Buyers in the region. Member American Numismatic Association since 1972.

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